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Entrepreneurship 101: Your Blueprint For A Successful Startup

Customer Circle GraphicMany aspiring entrepreneurs I cross have it wrong. They believe building a wildly successful business will just happen with a snap of the fingers. As if out of nowhere, a good genie in the sky will appear to bless their idea and suddenly fill their bank account with billions.

Time to wake up.

After playing this game for over 30 years, I can say one thing: building a successful business in theory is very simple, as I will show below.

However, execution falls into a whole other dimension. Call it the ‘eye-popping, hair-pulling, I can’t believe how hard this is’ state of reality.

But, if you can do the following 5 things well, I’d place a bet on your bank account:

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9 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Brand

As seen on Forbes.Justin-Foster

I’m starting with the man in the mirror… I’m asking him to change his ways…

Michael Jackson probably didn’t have entrepreneurial brand strategies in mind when he was crooning this song. Still, the lyrics dive right into the heart of branding.

Yes–it all starts by looking in the mirror.

That’s why I sat down with expert brand strategist Justin Foster, author of Oatmeal vs. Bacon: How to Differentiate in a Generic World, to gain some insight. Justin shares what we entrepreneurs must focus on—and why.

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The 4 Levels of Competence — With 2 That Entrepreneurs Must Avoid

As seen on Entrepreneur

Wow. Once again I watched an entrepreneur step off a cliff, straight into the abyss of certain business doom.

And the sad part? He didn’t even know it.

In my role as founder and CEO of Mighty Wise, a company providing resources for entrepreneurs, I interact every day with dozens of business owners. Many realize their shortcomings and work hard to overcome them. Others experience the dire fate of deer caught in the headlights.

Let me explain. Basically there are four levels of competence for people, a theory developed at Gordon Training International by its employee Noel Burch in the 1970s. For entrepreneurs, two of these levels rock, and two don’t.

Where do you fall across this spectrum described below?

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Walking Through Fire – 7 Lessons from A Life Long Entrepreneur (Interview)

As seen on Andrew Spence Online

Eric T. WagnerOne of the great privileges of running this entrepreneurship blog is being able to connect with other entrepreneurs that are making things happen. This article will be the first of my ‘Entrepreneur Insights’ interview series where we will delve into the minds of the business ‘super achievers’.

Entrepreneurs are indeed a unique breed. Many of us hope and dream but the real achievers are simply not satisfied with mere fantasy. One such entrepreneur is Eric T Wagner, life long entrepreneur for 30+ years. Eric has been involved in multiple startups, acquisitions and successful exits in multi million dollars companies. On top of that he is also a successful author and contributing writer for Forbes and Entrepreneur.

I caught up with Eric this week and asked him some questions and got some superb insights on entrepreneurship to share with you:

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A Three-Step Formula On How To Shun Corporate Life To Start Your Own Business

Julia_Beardwood_Headshot_640Corporate life.

Upon hearing those words, you either jump for joy, or double-over in agony.

If the latter, pull up a chair and take notes because today calls your name.

You see–in a prior article on Julia Beardwood, founder and owner of Beardwood & Co., she shared her ten keys for success in the business world.

But let’s go deeper on her first tip–listen to your gut on when it’s time to jump ship from your job.

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How To Break From Corporate America And Build Your Own Business

Julia_Beardwood_Headshot_640Julia Beardwood woke up one day–and like many chained to a corporate job, she bled unhappiness.

But unlike many who yearn for change and don’t do anything about it, Julia took a different road.

Call it a road of action.

As founder and owner of Beardwood & Co., she reigns as an expert brand strategist and entrepreneurial fireball. Ranked among EY’s Entrepreneurial Winning Women in 2013, she’s dedicated, driven, and focused. She fulfills any checklist with the name: ‘10 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs’. All of which stands marvelous and praiseworthy—but counts as only part of her story.

Julia’s story begins with unhappiness locked behind a desk in corporate America. With a little whisper in her ear asking, “What really matters?” Since Beardwood & Co. celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, she gives us ten keys to her success:

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12 Ways To Avoid Looking Clueless On Social Media

You see it every day.GuyKawasaki_highres_640x640

Another leader, celebrity, or athlete makes a faux pas on social media.

Angry tweets. Drunken YouTube videos. Thoughtless Facebook posts.

The sad part? We can still look foolish as entrepreneurs even without stepping off the deep end of stupidity like the above. But how can we avoid this cluelessness on a day-to-day basis with our social media efforts?

Fear not, Guy Kawasaki to the rescue. (And yes–the man has almost ten million collective followers across his social media platforms, so we best listen.)

After chatting with him over email a few weeks ago, he shot me an advanced copy of his newest book.

Deep in the heart of The Art Of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users (co-authored with Peg Fitzpatrick), he provides 12 things we should never do as entrepreneurs on social media:

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Against All Odds: How One Woman Built A $5M Business From Bankruptcy

Dr. Lisa WilliamsThink you have it tough in business? Lisa Williams has it tougher.

As Founder and CEO of World of EPI, Williams walked through the valley of business death. Bankruptcy. Loneliness. Depression.

But now she sits with a $5M company poised to launch to the next level. But how do you start, grow and scale a great company? As a member of the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women program, I jumped on a call with Williams to learn the keys to her journey and how she plans to crush it moving forward;

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Why Seth Godin Scares Me: The Final Three Reasons Entrepreneurs Fail

Seth GodinFinal Chapter of Godin Almighty.

Yes — Seth Godin shared nine powerful tips with me. Six of which I’ve already share with you here and here on Forbes.

If you’re just tuning in, I’ll reset the stage: As I sat 24 inches from this legend in a dimly lit room backstage, just the two of us alone in our own little world, I probed as deep as I dare go into his brilliant mind.

Godin had just finished a 60 minute presentation at Infusionsoft’s annual conference called ICON14 for 3,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners.

As I sat face-to-face with Godin, he gave me the final three lessons for entrepreneurial success:

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3 More Lessons From Seth Godin: How To Build A Wildly Successful Business

Seth GodinThe Return of Godin Almighty.

Yes — Seth Godin shared nine powerful tips with me. Three of which I’ve already shared with you here on Forbes.

If you’re just tuning in, I’ll set the stage: As I sat 24 inches from this legend in a dimly lit room backstage, just the two of us alone in our own little world, I probed as deep as I dare go into his brilliant mind.

Godin had just wrapped a 60 minute presentation at Infusionsoft’s annual conference called ICON14 for 3,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners in attendance.

As I sat with Godin in a dimly lit room backstage, he gave me three more lessons for entrepreneurial success:

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