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Chasing Too Many Customers?
Get Focused With This Tale Today

Chasing Two Rabbits...  Don't Do It!

Ever heard this saying?

“If you chase two rabbits, you shall catch neither.”

Well, I’ve heard it twice now.  Two different business authors.  Last one?  A business guru named Al Reis.

Apparently it’s an old proverb from China passed down through the years.

Now if you’re unsure what an old Chinese proverb has to do with your business, bear with me.  You’re about to discover three valuable points.  Three pearls of wisdom to keep for many years.

But first, let’s start with a story.  A story about rabbits…

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t know too much about rabbits. Never owned one.  Barely even petted one.

But I do know this.  Rabbits are like cats.  They scatter if you chase them.  One goes one way.  Another goes a different way, and so on.

This is different than say; cows.  Cows are herd animals. They stick together and run together if chased. That’s why it’s relatively easy to catch cattle. You just drive them all together in the direction you want them to go.

Rabbits don’t do that. They scatter, running all over the place.

Okay, you now have a picture of how rabbits act.  So let’s look at this proverb through the eyes of your business. More specifically, looking at your target market.  The people you are trying to do business with.  Your perfect customers.

Let’s pretend the rabbits in this proverb are potential customers.  Each rabbit is a different customer type.  A different “target market”.

With this in mind, here are

3 Important Points For You.

Number 1:  First point has to do with “decision”. The proverb reads “If you chase two rabbits…”

Okay, stop right there. The good news is you control this part.  How?  Simply make the decision not to chase two rabbits. Don’t go after two different target markets. Stick to one. Don’t scramble in two different directions. Go in one.

Every living person who walks by is not your ideal customer. It’s not possible. You cannot please everyone, so decide right up-front to simply not chase both rabbits.  Make a great decision and go after only one.

Number 2:  Okay, so there are two rabbits here. Which one do you go after? Spotted one with long ears or the white one with the pink nose? The key here is to figure it out before the chase begins. You’ve got to do the research.

What does your perfect customer look like? What are their fears? What are their dreams?

You’ve got to dig deep here. Build a profile of your ideal customer. Build a persona.

The point is you have to know exactly what your customer looks like so when they walk by, you’ll know it. You’ll know which rabbit to chase.

Number 3:  Okay.  Third and final point.  The chase.  Hopefully, you’ve made a decision to not go after both rabbits and you should now know which rabbit you want to chase.

What’s next?  Well, quite frankly, you’ve got to get off your fanny and start the chase.  Or even better, lure your rabbit in.  Hey, this should be easy-peasy because you know exactly what your rabbit likes, right?  You know exactly what makes your rabbit tick from your research. Then take action. Execute.

And for Pete’s sake, don’t worry about the other rabbit.

Too many entrepreneurs get distracted by the other rabbit.  Don’t do that.  Just focus on your rabbit. The perfect rabbit for you.

And be ready to adapt.  What happens if your research shows your rabbit likes lettuce, but lettuce isn’t working?  Well, try carrots.  Adapt and flow with your rabbit.  Keep engaging and learning through taking action. You will get so in-tune with your rabbit (with your customer), you’ll catch them and build a relationship to last a lifetime.  And by golly, having one rabbit is better than having no rabbit at all.

Even better?  Having one set of loyal, dedicated customers you know inside and out is way better than having no customers at all.

Conclusion? Well, I think the proverb sums it up nicely:

“If you chase two rabbits, you shall catch neither.”

Does this make sense?  How do you stay focused on one target market and not trying to chase multiple rabbits?  Give me your comments below…

Oops, one more thing. Are you and I connected yet?

I’m Eric. Husband, father & entrepreneur… (oh, and a writer on Forbes too.)

If you’re an entrepreneur, let’s hook up.  Seriously.  Here’s a killer formula:

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My email is: eric at mightywisemedia dot com.  Shoot me yours right here and let’s connect, okay?  Together we can really nail this thing.  :-)

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About the Author: Eric T. Wagner is a husband, father and life-long entrepreneur. After starting multiple businesses, Eric is now focused on helping other entrepreneurs find the path to success in business and life. You can also catch his gig on Forbes or connect with him on Google+.


  1. Hi Eric, enjoyed the post, look forward to more. This is a wise business proverb for sure, and one I have found myself (still do on occasion) – focusing on one rabbit. I’ve found that once I’ve made the commitment to chase only one, business was much more fun.

    • Eric T. Wagner says:

      Thanks Rys… and definitely agree. Focusing on one rabbit eliminates stress and worry. Thus, making it much more fun. :-)

  2. This is such simple and practical wisdom. Helps me to focus. Thank you!

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