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Eric T. Wagner and Susan Wagner, Mighty Wise


Eric T. Wagner, Founder

Hello. Who am I?Eric T. Wagner, Founder

1st — A blessed husband and father with a loving wife and beautiful daughters. Currently living our ideal life in the upper Northwest town of Sisters, Oregon — right next to the hottest entrepreneurial town in America; Bend, Oregon.

2nd — A dedicated, life-long entrepreneur for over 30+ years. Done multiple startups, acquisitions and successful exits. Ranging from tech to sports nutrition to lifestyle.

3rd — Founder and CEO of Mighty Wise Academy. Your virtual academy for entrepreneurship.

4thContributing writer on Forbes for Entrepreneurs and Startups.

5th — Started with zilch and begged for spare change on the streets in my early days. Proof that if I can do it, you can too. Uncover my true ‘rags to riches’ journey here.

Listen — if you’re an entrepreneur — my motto is simple:

‘Your Wisdom + My Wisdom = More Success’

You and I should connect so we can nail this thing. My email is:  eric at mightywise dot co (yes, .co). Just shoot me your name and email below.

PS. When you do, you also receive my free report: ‘7 Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs: How Do You Measure Up?’

Susan Wagner, Creative Genius & Entrepreneurial Advocate

Susan Wagner, Creative Genius

Okay, so who is this gal?

Well first, she’s my wife.

Next, Susan is a creative designer and entrepreneur evangelist here at Mighty Wise Academy.  She is a dedicated advocate of entrepreneurs and their wives.

Having spent many years on the arm of a serial entrepreneur (me), she has an in-depth understanding of an entrepreneur’s life.

And yes, she loves it…

So why are we here?

At the end of the day, we exist to help you build a wildly successful business so you can live your ideal life. Period.

We promise 3 things:

  • To earn your trust and encourage you.
  • To engage you. Listen to you. Share with you. Mentor you.
  • To be real. Relevant. And give you what you need, when you need it.

And sorry, no fluff here. It’s not allowed. We’re edgy, to the point and bold. You don’t need fluff. You need results.

As entrepreneur David Garland says: “If you’re looking for fluff, go pet a bunny.”

So start today — connect with us or join us inside Mighty Wise Academy. Either way, we look forward to serving you.

Your friend,

Eric T. Wagner, Founder, Mighty Wise Media

Eric T. Wagner, Entrepreneur