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Equity Crowdfunding 101: Is It Right For Your Startup?

Crowdfunding concept“I need capital, Eric.”

Sitting in my archives are hundreds of emails with the same plea.

And although my comeback tells entrepreneurs to bootstrap and run lean for as long as possible, there does come a time to seek the almighty buck.

Startup entrepreneurs can knock on the door of angels, venture capitalists, friends, banks or their Aunt Milly — but crowdfunding?

Judd Hollas, Founder and CEO of EquityNet, shares helpful details of crowdfunding so you can determine if it’s right for your startup.

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$50M Woman: How She Overcomes Fear And Failure

Kelsey RamsdenFear and failure. Like the toy prize found in a box of Cracker Jacks, these two words just come in the box labeled entrepreneurship.

But what are the best kept secrets on how to overcome these paralyzing words?

Kelsey Ramsden has the answers.

As Founder and owner of four companies, Ramsden is set to bring in revenues of $50 million this year. She is Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur two years in a row, a select member of EY’s Winning Women Entrepreneurs, and on the Richard Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship as a mentor.

In this follow up article to her 8 Simple Tips From A $50M Female Entrepreneur, she provides guidance on how to overcome fear, what to do when you fail and one tactic to keep you going when you want to quit;

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The Most Important Skill They Don’t Teach You At Harvard (Or Anywhere Else)

LisaKaySolomonYou and I face problems.

Sometimes we know what to do. Most times we don’t and need input from others.

But to maximize this input to produce real-world results it takes a new skill not taught in most business schools.

Call it a ‘strategic conversation’ and according to Lisa Kay Solomon, entrepreneurs aren’t having enough of them.

In her recently published book (co-authored with Chris Ertel), ‘Moments of Impact: How To Design Strategic Conversations That Accelerate Change’, she provides a complete drill-down on how it’s done.

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8 Simple Tips From A $50M Female Entrepreneur

kelsey-ramsdenWhat move can you make right now to advance your career as an entrepreneur?


But it’s not the kind of modeling you think. To borrow (model) best practices and advice of wildly successful entrepreneurs is wise.

Rubbing shoulders at Ernst & Young’s Strategic Growth Forum with a plethora of business leaders at this level, Kelsey Ramsden stood above the crowd.

Founder of four companies, she is Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur, a select member of Ernst & Young’s Winning Women Entrepreneurs for 2013 and on the Richard Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship as a mentor.

I like her already.

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Starting A Business? This One Question Could Save You Years Of Misery

You must know your type.

Matters not whether you’re new and aspire to play the game of ‘entrepreneurship’ — or are already playing it.

Smart entrepreneurs know the game they play, and most important their role in it.

Coming back from Eric Ries’ Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco, I was intrigued by something Steve Blank said.

“It’s important for entrepreneurs to ask themselves; ‘Who am I and who do I want to be?”

Now if you don’t know Blank, he’s an author (‘The Startup Owner’s Manual’), founder and investor of multiple companies and an expert on entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley. (You can also find him here on Forbes.)

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10 Rules To Build A Wildly Successful Business


Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff built Honest Tea from scratch into a $100 million enterprise.

In my recent article on Forbes, you get a few lessons and a compelling story of their journey.

But wait, because there’s one more thing. In fact, 10 more.

Goldman and Nalebuff share 10 must-follow rules on how to start and build an equally impressive empire (you can find these rules in the back of their book; Mission In A Bottle):

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Honest Tea: A $100 Million Brand 15 Years In The Making


Seth Goldman was born to do this

As Co-Founder and CEO of Honest Tea, his picture is in the dictionary next to the word tenacity. With Co-Founder Barry Nalebuff, their brainchild just finished the year with $110 million in revenue as a wholly owned enterprise of the Coca-Cola Company.

Overnight success? Hardly.

Founded in 1999, Honest Tea has been over 15 years in the making. In fact, based on both my recent conversation with Goldman and reading their just released book Mission In A Bottle: The Honest Guide To Doing Business Differently – And Succeeding, I can barely fathom how they’re still around.

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Smart Entrepreneurs Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions — They Do This Instead

Apply the Pareto Principle to New Year’s resolutions and it’s not a pretty sight.

Yes — I am willing to bet at least 80% of resolutions made as part of our yearly ritual do not come to fruition. Could be more like 90%.

And I am a perfect example of this. Last year at this exact moment I wrote down one of my ‘resolutions’ (call it what you want; your goal; your ‘to-do’ for the year, whatever).

It was simply ‘write a book’. Guess what? Here I sit 365 days later with zero book written. And yes — like so many other well-meaning entrepreneurs, I got off to a great start. Wrote 25% of it by March. But somehow, time got away from me and here I sit staring at my Google calendar flipped to a new year wondering what happened.

So what can we do?

Look — if our mission is to create wildly successful businesses which are both sustainable and fulfill our desire for significance, I say we set our goals differently this year.

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From Bikini To Boardroom: 4 Secrets From Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland

Don’t mess with Ireland.

Seriously. Behind that pretty face is a woman with strength, tenacity and gritty determination. As Founder and CEO of kathy ireland worldwide, she has risen from the pages of Sports Illustrated where she was an iconic swimsuit model to the visionary behind a $2 billion enterprise. Yes — you read correctly. Swimsuit model to $2 billion.

Given the privilege to listen and watch Ireland answering questions asked by our very own Moira Forbes on stage at EY’s Strategic Growth Forum in Palm Springs, I came away with four secrets to her success. And yes — you might want to take notes:

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Top 40 Tips From Award Winning Entrepreneurs


Millionaires. Centimillionaires. Billionaires.

Every one of them gathered together in the desert at the ‘Entrepreneur Of The Year gala hosted by Ernst & Young and sponsored by The Kauffman Foundation For Entrepreneurship.

Yes — I’m in heaven. Thirty years of entrepreneurship under my own belt, but always seeking guidance from the best.

So with my pad and pen, I set out on a mission to get the top tips and insight from America’s best entrepreneurs. Ears perched, I wrote it all down so I could share it with you.

Without further delay, I hand you the top 40 tips by award winning entrepreneurs:

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