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The $20 Million Dollar Decision

NOTE: This post is a copy of an email I received from Entrepreneur Jeff Walker, Founder and CEO of Internet Alchemy, Inc.

Have you ever made a $20 million dollar decision?

I made one once, but I didn’t know it at the time…

It’s funny how some of the biggest, most impactful events in our lives don’t necessarily look that way at the time. We often don’t realize when we’re at a crossroads.

Many times we have a chance to step up into greatness, but we just sit back down and grab the remote control for the TV.

My decision didn’t seem like it could possibly be a $20 million dollar decision. In fact, at the time I had almost no money… so the idea of a $200 decision would have been stretching it.

But I sat there and looked at this ad that I had received.

It was for a product called “Turn Your Computer Into a Money Machine”… now I know that name seems impossibly cheesy now, but this was back in 1995 – and it was a simpler time. And I was a lot less “sophisticated”. LOL.

In any case, the ad talked about what I now call “information marketing”… it was all about selling “special reports” for $14 on AOL. This was back when the Internet barely existed.

On one hand it all seemed pretty crazy… it was hard to believe that ANYONE would pay me ANY amount of money for some information I sent them over email. After all, I had never sold ANYTHING in my life, I had never been paid by anyone for anything I ever created, I was an utter failure in the corporate world… and to top it off, I was a stay-at-home dad taking care of a couple of babies.

But on the other hand, I knew people in the publishing industry made a LOT of money. I knew that the Wall Street Journal had been around for 100 years… so they must be making money, right?

And I knew there were small publishers that published newsletters – my parents subscribed to several of them. And even though I never thought about it until I saw that ad, the whole “information marketing” thing made too much sense. The logic was there… and now that I knew what to look for, I could see lots of people having success with it.

And there was one other critical factor – I knew I needed a change in my life. We had no money. And my wife was working herself to death, and she just wanted to have some more time with her babies.

Now I’m gonna admit this right now… spending $97 for that “Turn Your Computer Into a Money Machine” course was downright terrifying. That was a HUGE amount of money for me. But I did it… I pulled the trigger… I ordered the course.

And I didn’t know it at the time, but that was the $20 million dollar decision…

Of course, I was scared to tell my wife I ordered it. I definitely didn’t tell any of my friends or family.

But here’s the thing – the course might have had a cheesy name, but it was rock solid content. It taught the very basics of information marketing… and I soaked up every little bit of it.

Of course, that was just the start of my education. But here I am 16-ish years later, and this business has been very good to me. I’ve sold over $20 million of my products… plus millions as an affiliate for other people’s products.

And it all goes back to that one decision to step up. To suspend my disbelief and invest in my education.

What I learned in that one course was worth hundreds of times more than what I learned in four years at college.

(And here’s a funny thing – you don’t get a money back guarantee when you go to college… but that course came with a money back guarantee.)

Years after I bought that course… when my wife had retired, when we had moved to our dream home out in the mountains of Colorado, when I had the life of my dreams… I sent a note to the woman who created that course to thank her. To tell her what she had done for my life. For my families lives. For my clients lives.

That note made her day. :-)

That’s why I love this business so much – because you can literally reach out and transform someone’s life with your teaching. That’s what my products and my teaching has done. That’s what the products and teaching of so many of my students has done for their clients.

And that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning – making that kind of impact on people’s lives.

That’s one of the reasons why I give away so much free content in my business.

And that’s why there are times when I just come out and push you to step up. To invest in your education. Because I know what investing in MY education has done for me.